1% of Profits for Marine Conservation

Nightswim strives to generate the biggest, positive impact that a small fashion label can make. As an emerging designer caring for Mama Earth, I intend to create less, but of better quality and in a way that does good for all people involved and the planet.

Clothing is an essential part of human existence and expression — a fact we cannot undergo and fashion does have a vast effect on our oceans — another fact we cannot deny. Over the course of last month, I have shared on Instagram valuable information about fashion’s impact on the ocean and how we can reduce its detrimental effects, simply by the way we care for our garments at home.

At Nightswim, “We Give a Damn” from the sourcing of our organic fabrics to undergoing an on-demand production system to the carbon-free shipping we choose. But I can still do more. We can still do more – together!

In honor of the celebration of the United Nations World Ocean’s Day, we are honored to announce that we have teamed up with Wildlife Conservation Association in Nosara, Costa Rica, my new home away from home, to support Marine Conservation. Starting today,  1% of any purchase made on our website will aid WCA's efforts!

The WCA is dedicated to providing educational experiences that inspire and empower local community members, businesses, and school students via exclusive opportunities to get involved in research and educational activities.  “In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand” – Nosara, Costa Rica is renowned for being one of the most important sea turtle nesting sides on this planet. We are beyond happy that through your purchase the stunning work of WCA will expand its impact.

I will continuously share with you the grand impact we will make through the funds raised.

Stay ocean-minded, 

Diana Ganem

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