Full Moon Over Desert Dunes with Amara

'It was a match made in heaven," just like my gem Lisa Jackson creative mastermind behind Amara said. You see, everything about it was one of those serendipitous events when life goes your way.

A few months back I visited White Sands with the idea of creating beautiful imagery. The landscape here doesn't deserve words or pictures; it deserves a visit. It's beyond most places I've seen. I'm lucky to have grown up close to it, so coming back home for a visit, meant I needed to create with it.

The relationship with Lisa goes back to Tulum when I interviewed her for my previous job. We just clicked and ever since then her support is endless. And for some crazy reason, this Canadian gal was to be in El Paso on the exact same dates. What the heck? Synchronicity! I'm rarely here, and El Paso isn't a place people visit much — so you can imagine my surprise to hear she'd be here too, especially with a White Sands project in mind.

We made it happen just the way we both roam, fuss-free — just her and I with her boyfriend Walter in tow. We drove to the desert with a bottle of red wine and some Bob Dylan tunes. Bikinis, towels, coverups, and that camera she carries to create. No expectations, just pure fun. Luckily she does it all — hair, makeup up and photography, so it was easy to make this work. As for me, I'm the one that usually provides the drinks and flows in the crowd. This time though, my job switched a bit, to the front of the camera — something that is super foreign and a bit uncomfortable.

I'm not the ideal beauty you see on the 'gram. My short legs, acne, and the dimples on the booty aren't a photo fantasy. Somehow I put all inhibitions aside — and told myself no matter the outcome, there's more substance to me than looks and why not further expose the diversity of the female form?  We've placed so much value on outer shells and have been led to believe that beauty is limited – how narrow-minded of us. I want to break those norms and expand. 


My goal here (aside from welcoming the full moon in the most magical place) wasn't solely to illustrate variations of the feminine via pretty pictures. I also want to offer a reflection to others — we all have physical and internal flaws; we all have physical and inner beauty. And even though I haven't seen the images myself, I hope that these words and the photos we'll share soon, serve as a reminder to value ourselves and others more, beyond the vessels we were gifted and portray in the digital space.





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