The Loungewear Brand That’s Way Serious About Sustainability

She's A Full On Monet features Nightswim with an Q&A touching on the brand's inspiration, challenges and successes. To read the full interview head here or simply browse below. 

Q: What was the inspiration behind Nightswim, and how did that dream become a reality?

A: Nightswim was born out of my desire to become my own boss and take control of my time. I wanted to express myself without boundaries and also develop a business that I truly felt reflected my values in sustainability and ethical practices. After holding a merchandising position at a women’s contemporary brand, I was exposed to the injustices of fashion — I didn’t want to be part of it anymore, I wanted to create responsibly and give back. To live a more fulfilled life via my creative outlet.  

It was also a combination of traveling to foreign countries. I saw how the poorest of people, who didn’t have all the materialism we were used to in the States, were happier than many of the people back home. Having that experience — and having my father pass away — gave me a different outlook on life. I started to value community, experiences, and a simple life over the fast-paced fashion scene I was living in LA.  

After a major break, I went back to work in LA for a brand and nothing about it felt right. I wanted to live a more fulfilled life, fashion started to feel superficial. I wanted to have a purpose with my craft. I decided to quit that job and move to Indonesia to start a business. A business that had a purpose, was aligned with my values, and allowed me to live the life that I wanted near the beach. That’s where the idea of Nightswim came to fruition. 


Q: What was the most difficult part of starting the brand, and how did you overcome that obstacle(s)?


Q: Tell our readers a bit about your brand’s values and how you commit to fulfilling them consistently.


Every step of the way, I dissect how Nightswim can best represent this foundation of values. I committed to this and continue to commit even if it’s more complicated than conventional fashion. It’s gratifying to know that I try my best — from educating our community to the fibers to the pay rate we offer our sewers and so on.

Q: Tell us about your new line, PAUSA: what makes this line different/unique from what you already have, and what are you most excited about with the launch of this line?


I’m most excited that I introduced Cupro, intending to transition out of our rayon, and I replaced our terry with an organic version. I’m consistently challenging the brand to be as sustainable as possible and this is a step in that direction. I also intended to create new styles while keeping the previous collection in mind. I wanted to build on it — I wanted people to understand that conscious fashion isn’t about trends, that it isn’t about changing your wardrobe every season. I try to revive what is considered dormant. You can see that half of the PAUSA. collection is from the VISIONS 001 collection.

Q: What separates you from other similar brands, and why should our readers become customers of Nightswim?


I’m telling you, really I’ve complicated my life by making this commitment. Many business people don’t consider this a savvy operation but for me, that’s not the priority here. People + planet come before profit. I can keep explaining how we do this but it’s long — I rather readers head to our We Give A Damn section on the site if they are intrigued.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to leave our readers with, and where can we connect with you online/on social media?


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