Welcome to Nightswim Sessions

Since I can recall, community and connecting with inspiring muses, empowered beings and ambitious, change-makers has not just influenced my personal path, but marked the expression of Nightswim. 

Nightswim Sessions were born in April 2021, to expand my own personal practice to connect with the inspirational, to indulge in new lifestyles, paths and viewpoints. In creating this space, I intend for more of us to connect and to uplift each other in a consciously crafted setting. 

Nightswim Session 01. featured the beautiful Erica Galia who led us through the most wonderful heart-expanding meditation. Nightswim Session 2.  we were immersed in a bath of sounds facilitated by Kyley Hope. And now as we slowly emerge from the state of PAUSA, Nightswim Session 03. evolved from the virtual realm to an in-person gathering in Los Angeles.

It was an honor to co-host with my dear, exotic-eccentric friend Mama Cacao – Juliet Davey as she shared with us an evening of chocolate-making and aphrodisiacs. Her wisdom, skillset, and respect for cacao and the indigenous, is in total alignment with what we intend to bring forth in many more Nightswim Sessions.

The connection, participation of the vivacious intimate circle of attendees nested my dream vision — we had empowered techies, creatives, entrepreneurs, wellness gurus and doctors join us. I couldn’t be more moved by them, my muses, to keep pursuing these gatherings to connect us closer and closer. In fact, the seed for Nightswim Session 04. was planted this same evening with a few of those who were present.  

In fruition is Nightswim Session 04. We’ve partnered up with eco-fashion magazine Ecovocateur to bring you a super special sound journey under the stars with Empress of Sound Dejah Gomez.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, join us on July 25  at 7pm. RSVP here
If you are interested in co-hosting upcoming Sessions, please email info@nightswimbrand.com with ideas and inspiration. 

I look forward to connecting, 




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