the past

every story starts with a location. for me, it’s a culmination of contrasts: the rugged mountainous terrain and wide river valleys of Chihuahua, Mexico, the southwest town of “sun city” El Paso, the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles and the warm, tropic nights of costa rica. following a childhood infatuation with fashion lead me into a twelve-year journey within the industry, and ended with a startling realization of how detrimental this business is on our carbon footprint--and i was a contributing factor. this experience helped to ignite a drive to make a change within the garment trade. taking a cue from lessons of the past, Nightswim was born.

the present

i strive to keep a balance in life; whether it’s chasing the ultimate thrills or getting lost in the serene moments--think, wild hair moto rides in Bali, or barefoot jungle hikes with my dog. leaping away from cultural norms has become an unintentional pattern as well as veering away from the traditional infrastructures and accessible money making business tactics that make up the fashion industry. Nightswim is not driven by following a chunk of change, but striving for real change and helping to cultivate a movement of conscious consumerism with high quality, slow fashion goods that are both methodical and mindful through every aspect of the creative process.

the future

diving into the unknown — travel, festivals, nature, loss, chasing a beach lifestyle and risking it all has proved this world is all kinds of mesmerizing. my efforts are to minimize the harm we unconsciously or consciously do to this planet through sustainable fashion pieces you’ll live in, gift out, or ‘gram about. i hope my values resonate with you so that we can together pioneer an upgraded fashion atmosphere in which we (the consumer, retailer, and brand) are all held accountable.