Fast-fashion collections are refreshed about 8 times a year.
What does this mean? A disposable consumption mentality of buy, buy, buy, now.

Why is the fast fashion dominating the industry? Simple. Higher production quantities delivery lower prices for the consumer which means more accessibility to fleeting trends.

The result: 13.1 million tons of textile goods in landfills — that’s bs.

Quality over quantity

We take a slower approach, with pieces intended to last longer than a trending hot second. Simpler silhouettes are timeless with no added fuss and are produced at a scale that is proportional to demand in order to minimize waste and maximize the quality value of every piece.

Understanding the process

Although sustainable fashion has a less environmental impact than conventional fashion brands, it costs more to produce on account of alternate, less utilized methods. But on the flip, the product is longer lasting, sustainable, and environmentally conscious.