You’ve probably heard by now that dye runoff is detrimental to our water supply, yet design and quality are compromised when working with natural dyes which have extremely limited colors.


Nightswim tested a slew of natural dyes on fabrics that eventually bled in the wash, this means your clothes would stain your laundry and fade quickly in the sun— that’s when we knew natural dyes weren’t an option. Plus, they would require large amounts of water and chemical fixing agents.


Obviously, quality couldn’t be compromised so we sought an alternative in the form of azo-free dyes. Azo free dyes are chemically based to give the same color palette as conventional dyes without the use of certain toxic chemicals and metal compounds ranging from chlorine to known carcinogens, and they do not contain heavy metals. Azo free dyes have a higher fabric absorption rate which means less chemical and grey water runoff into the environment. Yay!