Understanding the production process

This has been the biggest challenge of them all, as producing locally in Los Angeles is a priority. Many local factories, though considered fair, are not environmentally friendly or fair-trade enough for Nightswim’s standards. Most contribute to fast fashion waste and even illegally pay workers less than minimum wage.

The collection initially began development with a longtime ally project manager who understood the needs and values of Nightswim but had to cancel during post-development process, as a result of their manufacturing facilities unexpectedly shutting down. The reason: a mass-market retail order which the factory had produced was canceled affecting the business that had successfully operated for over 10 years. That’s the thing about supplying for such a fast-fashion mass market — low costs, high volume, combined with extremely transient trends unfairly pressuring the entire supply chain.

Teaming up

Nightswim, never compromising its core values, sourced for the right factory causing a delay in the projected launch date. This all was taken as a realignment kick to find an even fairer operating business which was a huge success. The garment manufacturer located in the pinata district of downtown Los Angeles is a hidden gem that prides themselves in high-quality craftsmanship with a strong ethos built in sustainable and ethical practices. Their services reflect towards a progressive movement taking care of its operators, reducing waste and rejecting unhealthy working conditions, fighting low wages and unethical practices.