Meet your new fave fabrics 
Terry Toweling

It's important to understand that in the early stages of the design process, eco-friendly materials weren't the norm. Fabric showrooms didn't have many options for us, so we took on a challenge to develop our own eco-friendly terry toweling.

At that time, it meant using fibers that were available — a recycled P.E.T. and organic cotton blend. We loved it and so did you! And although this fiber content is produced from raw materials collected from post-consumer, recycled products like plastic bottles, we quickly learned it wasn't as eco-friendly as we'd like. In efforts to become more respectful of the environment, we embarked in a journey to find non-synthetic terry towel that wouldn't contribute to the micro-plastic pollution problem. 

In 2021, we produce with 100% organic cotton terry. And although we still have minimal inventory made with our previous terry, our new terry pieces are proudly produced with a non-synthetic organic cotton fiber that is GOTS approved. 

Cupro Fabric:

Our latest addition to our new collection––PAUSA. is our Cupro fabric, a recovered cellulose fiber, made from cotton linter, that would otherwise be discarded due to its small size. In short, it's cotton waste woven into a soft material, a huge step towards eliminating textile manufacturing waste and soon to fully replace our 100% Rayon challis fabric. 

Supple Challis Fabric:

Our third fiber used is a soft, supple challis—a woven fabric that is made with rayon. What does that mean? Rayon is a fabric made from regenerated cellulose fiber from a natural, renewable resource: plants; sustainably harvested beech trees using an environmentally friendly bleaching method for pulp for their cellulosic fibers.