At Nightswim, we often echo the statement — 'We care for Mama Earth and its beings", and we mean it. Our values in respecting all, don't stop at the planet + people but extend to animals too. In respecting the animals, we respect the environment and ourselves — we are all interconnected.

Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. You'll never see silk, leather, or any animal-based product for that matter in our Nightswim collections. We're fully plant-based and have been vetted by Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.

in 2021, we introduced Cupro fabric to our collection and will be going forward with this material as a key staple piece of all future designs. Cupro, known as Vegan Silk feels just like silk but doesn't use silk worms in the making. Instead, cotton lint waste is recycled to weave together a this ultra soft, flowy and lightweight fabric.