We give a damn about the environment, our workers and you. 

Nightswim is a reverence to our planet and all its beautiful beings. In expressing via fashion, we strive to protect the environment, empower our community of women and care for our workers. With a commitment to create mindfully and produce responsibly, we deliver collections founded in social and environmental good. We hope you align with our values and the labor practices that make Nightswim — a leisure lifestyle brand. A promise to reshape the way we look at fashion begins here. Follow our journey…

Design Concepts

Fact: fast-fashion collections are refreshed about 8 times a year.

What does this mean? A disposable consumption mentality of buy, buy, buy, now. Why is the fast fashion dominating the industry? Simple. Higher production quantities delivery lower prices for the consumer which means more accessibility to fleeting trends.

The result: 13.1 million tons of textile goods in landfills — that’s bs.

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Our initial efforts to print using sublimation techniques started out rough, bringing production to a halt. Unfortunately, this printing method — which consumes the least amount of water — cannot be applied to natural, organic, breathable fibers which are important to us. In the meantime, we went on to test a digital printing alternative, which is essentially a computerized version of the traditional screen or rotary printing methods.

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You’ve probably heard by now that dye runoff is detrimental to our water supply, yet design and quality are compromised when working with natural dyes which have extremely limited colors. Nightswim tested a slew of natural dyes on fabrics that eventually bled in the wash, this means your clothes would stain your laundry and fade quickly in the sun —  that’s when we knew natural dyes weren’t an option. Plus, they would require large amounts of water and chemical fixing agents.

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During the initial stages of fabric scouting, we quickly discovered that recycled, eco-friendly material is quite the scarcity, especially when sourcing locally in LA mills — a huge component in reducing the environmental impact of shipping. developing a super soft, fluffy terry that would dry in the sun and not collect sand while being environmentally conscious, was a 6+ months development process.

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Many retailers require the shipping of products to be individually wrapped in a poly bag. Every single piece of clothing or accessory you buy was once covered in a plastic bag — whether it was shipped to you directly or purchased at a store. Around 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed as a result — that’s bonkers!

since cutting trees and using useless plastics isn’t our thing, we’ve opted out of retailers’ requirement to ship in poly bags — even if that means being penalized.

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Many local factories in Los Angeles, though considered fair, are not environmentally friendly or fair-trade enough for Nightswim’s standards. Most contribute to fast fashion waste and even illegally pay workers less than minimum wage.

The collection initially began development with a longtime ally project manager who understood the needs and values of Nightswim but had to cancel during post-development process, as a result of their manufacturing facilities unexpectedly shutting down.

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Skip the dryer, your clothes will last longer, and you’re doing a good deed for mama earth so why not?

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Growing up with a single mother raising four kids was not easy to watch, the struggles this hard-working woman faced inspire me now. Giving back to gals with powerhouse drives is how life becomes fulfilling. Via Nightswim, I strive to help them see a road less rocky as they reach for big dreams. 

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Pieces purchased via preorder help maintain a healthy and sustainable production stream, one that listens to demand and doesn’t force consumption. It is not produced in high-volume. Mass inventory does not sit in a warehouse waiting to creep into your closet. 

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At Nightswim, we often echo the statement — 'We care for Mama Earth and its beings", and we mean it. Our values in respecting all, don't stop at the planet + people but extend to animals. In respecting the animals, we respect the environment and ourselves — we're all united.

Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. You'll never see silk, leather, or any animal-based product for that matter in our collections. We're fully plant-based and have been vetted by Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.